Arte di confine, interview by Mario Gerosa, ADtoday, 2014 (it)
Necessary Lines, by Marco Brianza, 2014, D’ARS magazine of contemporary arts and cultures (it) (english text here)
VERTIGO OF THE TECHNOLOGICAL SUBLIME – essay by Vito Campanelli 2012 (en-it)
Marco Cadioli-remap Berlin (.pdf) – essay by Margherita Balzerani jul 2009 (en)
Der neue wanderer – exhibit review –  by Giuseppe Sedia – – oct 2009 (it)
Remap Berlin – Gastbeitrag von Stephan Lorenz – – july 2009 (ge)

Second Life » dans l’œil de Marco Manray par Marie Lechner – Liberation oct 2008 (fr)
Quattro domande a Marco Manray Cadioli – Intervista a cura di Mario Savini, Extrart oct 2008 (it)
I viaggi di Manray (.pdf) – Interview by Fabio Guarnaccia for LINK Idee per la televisione – may 2007 (it)
Intervista: Marco Cadioli by Matteo Bittanti – Videoludica game culture – oct 2006 (it)
Games@Iulm: Marco Cadioli, net reporter by Matteo Bittanti – Videoludica game culture – may 2006 (it)
Le Net est une partie du monde qu’il faut regarder –  interview by Marie Lechner for – oct 2005 (fr)
Internet Landscape review by Domenico Quaranta  – (it) – feb 2004 (it)
Intervista di Vito Campanelli per Boiler (2003) .pdf (it)



Internet Landscapes: Shapes and places of the Web in the work of Marco Cadioli (it-En)
a cura di Vito Campanelli – ed MAO, Napoli 2009 Download a short version (.PDF) in low resolution.