PROTO – video loop series and prints (2015 – ongoing)

PROTO, From Ancient Greek (πρωτο) is used to form the name of the hypothetical ancestor of something. We are crossing a line, we are moving our present from post something to Proto something. The video loops in this series present masses of digital materials building independent proto-entities with their own ontological horizons, waiting for favorable conditions for growth and development. Their forms are continuously decomposed and recomposed and this process generates an unstable perception between flat textures – the ones used on the first 1984 Apple Macintosh Computer – and 3D images, revealing the nature of the 3D models generated by the machine, releasing them from the need to represent. As in many of Cadioli projects, the misuse of a basic software turns it in a cinetic and semi-automated optical images generator.


Intallation at #LAYERS – SpazioContemporanea, Brescia

Proto #13 140×100 cm print in Dibond

Proto Mac Paint – video loop and print on PVC

Proto #11 138x100cm digital print on Dibond

PROTO (macpaint) video loop 1’14”
Textures from the original 1984 MacPaint collapse in a dense and evolving mass witch is waiting to explode in a new model.


PROTO #05 – animated gif 2015

The results assume many shapes, animation loops, animated gifs, prints and was exhibited as video projections and installations.


PROTO #01 – animated gif 2015



PROTO macpaint – animated gif 2015