24 February 2017 | category: exhibits

Curated by Fabio Paris, REFRESH 01 – #LAYERS is the first event of the series. Broad and comprehensive as it seems, this keyword refers to the various ways in which the complexity of the digital environment manifests itself in the works on show: the distinction between code and interface in generative art and glitch art; […]

[in]exactitude in science – group show

27 September 2016 | category: exhibits

16 Janvier 2016 [in]exactitude in science Pavilion of The wrong new digital art biennale Galerie Charlot est l’ Ambassade du Pavilion (in)Exactitude in Science pour The Wrong Biennale du 16 au 21 Janvier Commissaires du Pavilion : Filippo Lorenzin & Kamilia Kard Artistes exposès : Antoine Schmitt – Enrico Boccioletti – Emilie Brout & Maxime […]


8 May 2016 | category: exhibits

Melons, screwdrivers and other short tales A one night art exhibition at WeMake, Milan’s Makerspace/Fablab Marco Cadioli, Alessandro Capozzo, Matteo Cremonesi, Kamilia Kard, Marco Mendeni, Flavio Scutti Event: July 22, 2015, from 6PM WeMake, via stefanardo da vimercate 27/5 –milano The event is part of: 6PM YOURLOCALTIME A distributed exhibition, taking place in many art […]

Algorithmic Memories on show at Link Cabinet

14 June 2015 | category: exhibits

                  on show at Link Cabinet from May 6 to May 30, 2015. documentation of the project: Algorithmic Memories by Marco Cadioli is a series of videos generated by Google+ for its users, and investigates some crucial current topics such as the representation of the self […]

Media Art Futures – video screening

15 April 2015 | category: exhibits

A selection of movies, documentaries and audiovisuals experiments to explore what is New Media Art and how it is connected to science and technology. Two of my artworks, Google Error (2012) and Remap Berlin (2009), have been presented in the selction curated by Pau Waelder Selección de vídeos de documentación de obras y proyectos de arte […]

Super Mario Cloud

11 April 2015 | category: exhibits, Uncategorized

The day of the opening of Cory Arcangel’s show at GAMeC in Bergamo I presented his works to my students. We played with “Super Mario Clouds” putting our PCs all in a raw, with the clouds passing from a screen to the other. Great installation!

INTERNET DRONES _ group show

17 March 2015 | category: exhibits

From January 31th, 2015, ULTRA hosted and supported for the second consecutive year by eflux studio, will show the works of 13 artists from different continents creating INTERNET DRONES by Kamilia Kard. The exhibition will last 3 months and will be divided into two parts. In March, are being prepared a talk and the publication […]

Cover for Eilean rec.

12 March 2015 | category: exhibits

One picture from the series “Square with concentric circles” is the cover of the new release of eilean rec. Bill Seaman – f (noir) (eilean 33)    

Exhibit at Widget Art Gallery

23 December 2014 | category: exhibits

“Totem” by Marco Cadioli at the Widget Art Gallery, Nov. 16 – Dec. 16 2014. curated by Chiara Passa Web-App cross-device and platform. It’s always available the osx-dashboard version at “Totem” is a site-specific installation for the WAG space – It’s a post-analog primary structure made with a series of glitched images of […]

Square with concentric circles – solo show

26 June 2014 | category: exhibits

Square with Concentric Circles – title taken from an artwork by Wassily Kandinsky – comes from a constant and repeated reconnaissance with Google Earth on different territories, looking for distinctive circular shape. Lots of them are plots of land of different sizes that are grown using high automation and satellite control. Geometrically similar to the […]