Abstract Journeys is a screencapture series from Google Earth that explores the different surfaces and forms which have been transformed by man’s work in an abstract geometric composition. (view the ongoing complete series here:  http://abstractjourneys.tumblr.com/ )

(Making movies with Google Earth Tours)

Abstract Trip #2 – 7.47 Miles (12 Km) – video 1′ 50″ 2011

Live Version: play with the “live” version (Google Earth Plug In needed)

Abstract Trip #3 – 3.97 Miles (6.38 Km) – video 1′ 00″
Live version: Play with the “live” version (Google Earth Plug In needed)

Instant Paintings #3 – video 5’20” (HD 720)”



digital prints, Hahnemühle paper, 100% cotton, mounted on alu-dibond
the ongoing series here: http://abstractjourneys.tumblr.com/