I am not really confident(2016)

Microsoft captionbot.ai Test

PROTO(2015 – ongoing)

Videoloop and print series

So far and yet so close (2015)

Double view in Google Maps

Necessary lines (2014)

Necessary line drawn by machines

Squares with concentric circles (2013)

Circles seen from above from Google Earth satellite.

Abstract Journeys (2011-ongoing)

A screencapture series from Google Earth.

Google Error (2012)

Google Earth transformed in an Op Art generator

Google Melon (2011)

Playing God with the Earth


How will be Gloogle Earth without Earth?


A flight over the cities that are emerging in Google Earth.
Skyscrapers with nothing around in a still uninhabited world.

Remap Berlin (2009)

from the virtual Berlin to Google maps: “Remap Berlin” spreads a thin geographical virus in Google Earth and deals with different levels of reality.

Der Neue Wanderer (2008)

My journey in the chinese virtual world

Marco Manray (2005-8)

When I was a photographer in Second Life

Interview with the Robot (2006)

An interview to an Artificial Intelligence

ARENAE (2005)

Photo reportage from the battlegrounds of the net. D-day at Omaha beach as an “embedded” photographer

Internet Landscape Manifesto(2003)

Internet Landscape – reportage from the net / Net Photography Manifesto (2003)